Thursday, July 26, 2007

Kiss Cam

This morning a girl at work came up to me and said "Was I imagining things, or did I see you on the Kiss Cam last night at the Diamondbacks game?"

Yes indeed. Nate and Courtney actually were on the Kiss Cam first and we were just starting to make jokes about them getting picked instead of us, when they put Col and I on. I panicked and threw my arms around his head and kissed him. At least I didn't pull a Courtney, giving a quick kiss and then flailing my arms and screaming "I'M ON TV!!!"

This would look like a picture of a video game screen, if not for the heads in the foreground. The zoom on Col's camera leaves much to be desired.

Courtney and I cowering under a pop fly. I love the patronizing look on Nate's face in the background.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

The other reason we can't get her pigtails to stay in.

Note the look of concentration on her face as she tries to wear her bloomers as a hat. It is the same look she has when she violently pulls her pigtails out. Both are excellent strategies.