Friday, April 27, 2007

Who needs a puppy?

Addie likes to have something in each hand while she crawls around the house. Lately, she likes to have something in her mouth as well as in her hands.
Not only did she look like a little puppy carrying around a bone, if we threw the sock across the room she would fetch it, put it in her mouth and crawl back to us.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Logic Puzzle

A man trapped in a dungeon was contacted by a friend who offered to help him escape and said he would return in 45 minutes. The man had been bound with two ropes of equal length that he estimated would each burn non-uniformly for one hour. How did the man, using the ropes and a candle in his cell, count the passing of 45 minutes?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Walking Product Endorsement

You, like me, have probably noticed that Rachael Ray's face is on EVERYTHING these days. Wheat Thins boxes aren't even yellow anymore... her face covers the entire box. She's on every box of anything and everything at the grocery store. So, naturally, I found this quite funny.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Last name, please?

I went to enter someone in our contacts database and noticed that I had not been given her last name. I contacted the person who knows her in order to get her last name, and was told that she does not have one. Now, she's not the only person in the world who doesn't have a last name. However, most those people chose names like "Madonna", "Prince" or "Cher" - names that aren't very common. You might even say their names are original enough that they don't need a last name.

This woman's name was Kathy. Just Kathy. She's gotta be breaking some kind of rule...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Yet another edition of Aubrey googling.

Aubrey has published two books, with a third in preparation.

Aubrey has not only been recognized by judges and audiences alike, but has been remembered and stood out in a crowd as a star.

Aubrey has learned to play the Irish tin whistle, Appalachian mountain dulcimer, old-time banjo, mandolin, a variety of small percussion instruments as well as Appalachian clogging (step-dancing).

Aubrey has packed her bags and moved to Nashville where she has been chosen to replace Heidi Newfield as Trick Pony's lead singer.

Aubrey has yet to play a full season uninjured in the Indians' minor-league system.

Aubrey has been a successful trial lawyer in a diverse array of federal and state court cases.

Aubrey has served as a project manager for the Afghan National Army program.

Aubrey has handrooted auburn premium angora mohair that was rooted with a 38 gauge needle, which only roots a few hairs at a time.

That last one was pretty choice. But even if it weren't for that gem, stumbling upon this site made it all worth it.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Spring Break

After arriving in NYC Saturday morning, we successfully found the bus and took the right subway train and arrived at our friend Leslie's apartment without ever getting lost. Taxi, shmaxi. Leslie immediately took us out on the town, and we waited in line almost 2 hours to eat at Grimaldi's. It was worth the wait. This shot of Brooklyn Bridge would be more picturesque if not for that dumb Verizon building.
We walked across Brooklyn Bridge, and then walked all over Chinatown and down Canal St. We then walked all over Little Italy and through SoHo.
The next day we took a ferry out to the Statue of Liberty. Well, out past the Statue of Liberty. We didn't trounce upon her, but we got a nice view.
Col and I explored the city for a few days while Leslie worked on papers and attended classes. We saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway which was fabulous, and then did lots of touristy stuff - wandered around Times Square, went up to the top of the Empire State Building, went to Ground Zero, walked around Central Park, and saw the Metropolitan Museum. We missed Addie a lot but we took advantage of being free nights and went to Mobay, a Jazz club in Harlem, Le Souk, a Moroccan restaurant/night club, and to a concert at The Cutting Room. We went to the Late Show with David Letterman which was really fun and another jazz club with Leslie and my friend Sarah whose friend was singing at it. She was amazing and so was the band (Django Reinhardt/Swing Kids sound).
We also wandered around Prospect Park and Park Slope where I saw Jennifer Connelly in her doorway. I resisted the urge to yell "YOU'RE JENNIFER CONNELLY!!"
We took the Chinatown Fung Wah bus -it's extremely cheap which suited us just fine, and met up with friends in Boston. We were given a tour of Harvard where my friend Chris is getting his PhD in I Speak Every Language You've Ever Heard Of. He also served as our guide on The Freedom Trail. It was really awe-inspiring to see all the historical sights and monuments.We also saw a lot of small doors...... and some VERY small doors. I knocked on all of them, just in case. You never know when a very interesting, very short person will answer.
We went out to Lexington and spent some time in Concord. This is Ye Old Manse where both Hawthorne and Emerson lived at one time or another. This is Ye Old Boat House behind Ye Old Manse. Looking out the window from inside Ye Old Boat House. This bridge in Concord was the sight of the "shot heard round the world" - the first organized battle of the American Revolution. The British troops held this bridge and the American militia charged it on April 19, 1775.
We also went out to Walden Pond, which I will forever more call Walden Lake. The word "pond" must've sounded more literary.