Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I'm a little scared...

Today is Col's first day as a driver's ed instructor. I wasn't worried about it until we started telling people he had the job and every one of them said "Are you scared? I'd be scared if I was you."

At least he has his own brake...

Monday, May 29, 2006

Toga Party!

Addie often manages to free her right arm from any and all restrictive or unrestrictive pajamas. I don't know why, but it's always her right arm. I'm not sure if she figured out how to undo those snaps, or if we forgot to snap up her PJs. If we forgot... I guess that explains why it was so easy for the right arm to escape.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Baby girls can wear kakhi too.

Between 8:55 and 9:10 p.m. FOUR people called Addie a boy. We got a "Boy or girl?"; a "How old is he?" a "He sure is cute" and another "Boy or girl?"

She was in her car seat at the time, and pretty much all they could see were the khaki pants she was wearing. Why is it assumed that tan pants means boy? A second glance would reveal a lavender shirt, a pink belt on those kakhi pants, and a pink toy dangling from her car seat.

I guess it's possible that the misunderstanding is a result of the pink plaid that is not to be found on her car seat. It's grey and could/will be used for any male children we have in the future.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Fan Club

This picture is a great shot of Col and Addie glued to the Suns game. Addie has watched every Phoenix Suns game since her birth. I had only seen a few games before that in my entire life - the last time I watched any playoff games, Charles Barkley was on the team. That brings back fond memories... Do you remember this?

January 9, 1996
Toe Surgery Sidelines Suns' Barkley

Phoenix Suns forward Charles Barkley underwent surgery yesterday for a toe infection and will likely be unable to play for several games. The nail of his left big toe was removed. The team said Barkley would miss tonight's game against the Los Angeles Clippers but that his condition would be evaluated daily. (AP)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

She'll be giving us High Fives any day now.

Yesterday Addie fell asleep with her hand straight up in the air. She looked like she was frozen in time while doing the thriller dance. Col used to fall asleep with his hand raised like this. That and the one eye thing - odd things to be genetic, but who am I to question genetics?

She's starting to grab our fingers and hold onto things a little better. She still doesn't give us a high 5 when we ask her to, but I think she's getting close.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Family Photo

We couldn't find baby hair gel so we used mine. It worked well enough - made her hair stay down, and kept the barrett in place.

Last night we went to my friend Jill's wedding reception. All of Addie's dresses are still too big for her, so we went shopping to find something that was 0-3 months. We bought this dress and then washed and dried it to get it to shrink a little. She's pretty much still too small for anything but preemie clothes.

Friday, May 19, 2006

She learned this sleep position from me.

She slept like this for awhile yesterday. So cute... She has "post bath time" hair in this picture. Whenever we bathe her, she ends up with soft poofy hair that just won't lay down. Do they make hair gel for babies?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Rub a dub dub, little baby in the tub.

Yesterday Addie had her first "real" bath. She was a trooper. She gets a curious/interested look on her face whenever something is new. I don't think Addie is the only one with the 'pot belly and skinny legs' look going on. I think babies just look a little bit like frogs...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sleepy Time

Addie and I attended an all girl sleepover at Col's parents' this weekend while he and all the other guys went fishing in Payson. It was really fun. So fun, we didn't get much sleep. By the time we got home, we were both pretty exhausted.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Boy or girl?

We were eating lunch at Prickly Pear today and a couple came over to look at Adeline. The lady looked at her and asked "Boy or girl?" That was a first. Now, granted, Addie wasn't dressed all in pink. However, she wasn't exactly wearing blue either. She had on a little onesie with purple flowers. The very one shown in this picture.

Does this child look like a boy to you? She was even wearing a purple Nuk at the time - the one that has been spit out and is now strategically placed next to her head in this picture.

Maybe we should get her a t-shirt that says "I am a girl." Because if we have to make her wear pink every day she's going to want a shirt that says "Please stop making me wear pink."

P.S. That pink wrap on her foot (of course it's pink...) is from the pediatrician's office where they had to REDO her PKU because the lab said it was contaminated. It was not fun to go through that again.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It caught up with me.

Yesterday I fell asleep in the middle of a Super Marshalls. I sat down on a soft chair while Col wandered the store, and when he came back to find me, I was out like a light. Like a light that is out, anyway. Addie slept pretty much all day. We went out to lunch, ran errands, and wandered all over Desert Ridge mall. She slept in her stroller the entire time. The bassinet of her stroller is also her bed at night, so that might be part of the reason... not to mention the fact that newborns just sleep all the time. Every now and then she'll stir a little and look up at us with one eye, but then she usually determines that there's nothing interesting enough going on to stay awake for.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Why am I not tired?

Since we brought the baby home from the hospital, I've been going to bed about 11 p.m. During the night, I've been up to feed her every 2-3 hours. She's up for good sometime between 6-8 a.m. which means so am I. That's really not much sleep. You'd think I'd be exhausted, napping whenever she does. Not so. Instead, I'm cleaning the house and baking like a mad woman. I haven't felt tired once during daylight hours. I'm usually not even tired when I go to sleep - if my husband would stay up later, so would I.

My guess is it will kick in before long and I'll fall asleep in the middle of the grocery store or something. Maybe I shouldn't drive for awhile... It's been a week though. You'd think it would've affected me by now if it's going to.

It's possible that my pregnancy prepped me to need less sleep. The heartburn was so bad it felt like I was up all night. Besides the heartburn, I couldn't sleep comfortably anyway because my belly was so big. So maybe now my body only needs 4 hours per night. My 8th grade science teacher Mr. Yazzi only slept 4 hours each night. He studied languages while everyone else was sleeping. I'm not sure I should trust anything he said though, since he also taught us about PH balance and told us that no one needed deodorant. We all know THAT'S not true. Comment on this post if you wear deodorant. If not, I'll assume you smell funny. That or you, like Mr. Yazzi, are perfectly PH balanced. Lucky you.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Baby and Grandpa

Baby and Grandpa. This is Aubrey's husband typing. I saw her blog today and made her change it because she used a photo that I have on my blog. Sorry Aubrey, but the good ol' www doesn't take well to duplicates.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I almost witnessed a homicide.

Last night we took the baby to her first 24 party. She was sound asleep while we watched the latest episodes at a friend's house. At about midnight I looked out the window and saw a man covered in blood, holding his neck where his throat had been slit. You may think I was imagining things. Perhaps I had watched a little too much 24 a little too late. Nope, there was really a man bleeding from a knife wound outside the window. We heard screams and people running around out by the pool so we called 911. We watched from the window as the bleeding man and a woman got in a car and drove off. A heavy set man jumped the pool fence and took off in a conversion van.

The cops showed up and in the pool area they found a woman who was also bleeding from a knife wound in her arm, as well as a 4 year old boy. Turns out there was an altercation, and "Jessie", whose name was really Jessie, pulled a knife and stabbed everybody. The police made us all give statements and wouldn't let us leave as it was a potential homicide investigation. Several detectives showed up and were photographing the blood that was all over the parking lot and pool area.

We found out the man with the slit throat had arrived at a hospital and been life flighted to a surgical center. They made us wait until about 4 a.m. when they found out he would live.

The baby slept through the whole thing. When she's older, she might be mad we let her miss the action, but I've learned not to wake her up when she's sleeping.

So.... anyone want to come over and go swimming at our pool?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Adeline Elle Carter

I am no longer pregnant. Adeline was born Sunday, April 30, 2006 at 6:59 A.M. She was 8 lb. 2 oz.

She is the cutest baby I have ever seen. She looks just like me.