Thursday, May 11, 2006

Boy or girl?

We were eating lunch at Prickly Pear today and a couple came over to look at Adeline. The lady looked at her and asked "Boy or girl?" That was a first. Now, granted, Addie wasn't dressed all in pink. However, she wasn't exactly wearing blue either. She had on a little onesie with purple flowers. The very one shown in this picture.

Does this child look like a boy to you? She was even wearing a purple Nuk at the time - the one that has been spit out and is now strategically placed next to her head in this picture.

Maybe we should get her a t-shirt that says "I am a girl." Because if we have to make her wear pink every day she's going to want a shirt that says "Please stop making me wear pink."

P.S. That pink wrap on her foot (of course it's pink...) is from the pediatrician's office where they had to REDO her PKU because the lab said it was contaminated. It was not fun to go through that again.

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