Saturday, May 06, 2006

I almost witnessed a homicide.

Last night we took the baby to her first 24 party. She was sound asleep while we watched the latest episodes at a friend's house. At about midnight I looked out the window and saw a man covered in blood, holding his neck where his throat had been slit. You may think I was imagining things. Perhaps I had watched a little too much 24 a little too late. Nope, there was really a man bleeding from a knife wound outside the window. We heard screams and people running around out by the pool so we called 911. We watched from the window as the bleeding man and a woman got in a car and drove off. A heavy set man jumped the pool fence and took off in a conversion van.

The cops showed up and in the pool area they found a woman who was also bleeding from a knife wound in her arm, as well as a 4 year old boy. Turns out there was an altercation, and "Jessie", whose name was really Jessie, pulled a knife and stabbed everybody. The police made us all give statements and wouldn't let us leave as it was a potential homicide investigation. Several detectives showed up and were photographing the blood that was all over the parking lot and pool area.

We found out the man with the slit throat had arrived at a hospital and been life flighted to a surgical center. They made us wait until about 4 a.m. when they found out he would live.

The baby slept through the whole thing. When she's older, she might be mad we let her miss the action, but I've learned not to wake her up when she's sleeping.

So.... anyone want to come over and go swimming at our pool?

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