Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dear Diary

Col has made a discovery. The diary I kept from about age 10 - 13. He has found a wealth of entertainment and we both had a good laugh reading through it last night. So far, this is my favorite entry. It's interesting how history repeats itself, but the post script is what makes it truly classic. I left the spelling the way it was for dramatic and comedic effect.

March 30, 1991

The war in Iraq just ended! We won! I did my civic oration, came first in my class and fourth in the school contest! Gotta go!


P.S. Suddam Hussane’s a retard.


The Headmaster said...

I love reading old journal entry's. I don't do it very often but it is fun to see what you used to think, and what you thought was important to write about. Did you used to be quite the journal writer?
We want to get together this weekend, what are you guys doing Friday? We still have those Jesterz tickets I need to used before they exprire.

The Headmaster said...

"Used"? The word I was looking for was "use".

Thank you

Aubrey said...

Let's do it.Call me.

two forks said...

this was hilarious...