Monday, December 04, 2006


Usually, when I open a fortune cookie, there's not really a fortune inside. Rather, it's full of advice, or ancient Chinese wisdom. Today Col and I went to lunch at Pei Wei. Addie was thoroughly amused by the paper-wrapped chopsticks that she amazingly never tried to put in her mouth. And for once, my fortune cookie actually contained a real live legitimate (though very odd) fortune.

"Hidden in a valley beside an open stream, This will be the type of place where you will find your dream." (Photograph provided)

Of course my first thought was "Which valley?! Which stream?!" I was complaining that it wasn't specific enough when Col opened his, which was thankfully much more detailed.

"Hidden five miles due east you will find a key which unlocks the door buried 6.5 feet below the ground on which you stand. The door will open, revealing 3 more doors. Choose wisely. One door leads to imminent destruction." (Not photographed)

His may not have rhymed, but at least he was given some specifics.


Anonymous said...

Which valley and which stream you ask? Answer. In the ancient days of the beginning of the Shrut family they moved to a mystical and magical valley called the valley of the dark HaaAlop...enden where all the dreams of the light dark lord Gazzum Shrut were discovered. What dreams you may ask? i plan to go there and find out myself... right after i walk the trail to Mordor.

Aubrey said...

Oh, it's so good to have you here Andy.