Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Great moments in solicitor history.

Please be advised:

If you call me after 3 p.m. and say, "Good morning," I will hang up on you. Especially if you continue with "I'd like to speak to Miss Albert Sanders."

If you call me and say, "May I speak to the person in charge of..." no matter what you say next, I will hang up on you.

If you call me and say, "Hello Mr. Audrey Carter" I will hang up on you.

If you pronounce Graham "Gray Ham", if you say you are with Qwest, if you say you just have a short survey, if there is a long pause before you begin talking, or if you ask who maintenances my copy machine, believe me when I say that I will definitely hang up on you.


ThePainterClan said...

I need your gusto! I'm always a sucker and just gab with the crazy telemarketers. You'd think I'd be too busy with my 3 little tornados(sons)to talk to telemarketers but I just don't have the cajones to hang up. Maybe it's about time I start taking tips from you about how to handle these callers. I'm going to, starting tomorrow, no more Mrs. nice girl!

robyn said...

My dad actually enjoys these calls as well. He tells then he is so interested and he would like to hear more and then he will set the phone on the table and see how long it takes THEM to hang up. Its funny how much he enjoys doing this. It must be his way of "sticking it to the man"

Capt. Monterey Jack said...

That's funny. My marketing teacher suggested that when the telemarketer asks for the head of the household you should say "hold on" and then put the phone down and continue doing whatever you were doing. 5 minutes later come back and hang it up.