Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The most delicious box of Valentine's chocolates I have ever seen.

Do you remember that Office Valentine's episode where all these flowers keep coming in and none of them are for Pam? That's me today. Which is fine, because I don't care that much about flowers and every time flowers came in for someone I wasn't ever jealous. Then I went to Robyn's for lunch and saw the box of chocolates Cameron gave her for V-Day. Holy deliciousness. None of those nasty fruit-filled ones - only good ones. This picture here? It doesn't even do it justice.

This isn't a hidden message that I want to be given a box of chocolates. It's just a heads up to Robyn and Cameron that I'm going to be visiting a lot this week.


The Dixon Family said...

Col--don't believe her. She wants the chocolate. Run, don't walk, to Sees. Trust me.


Carlos said...

I have been thinking of forming a business to take the excess chocolate candy from people who are trying to avoid it. Check out my website.


robyn said...

I was very impressed with Cameron selection but look on the bright side, I am going to get a Lexus before you.

Courtney said...

ahhhhhhh, aaaa, llllllleeeeeeeexxxxxxxxuuuuuuussssssss.