Friday, February 02, 2007


My first run-in with a squatter was a couple of years ago when Col and I were first married and looking for a house. Cameron, our realtor, was showing us everything in our price range. Our visit to one condo complex in Scottsdale provided quite a unique experience. Cameron unlocked the door of the empty, available condo, and pushed it open. It was completely dark inside, so we were surprised to hear a shout and see a man dressed only in his skivvies jump out of the darkened room at us and slam the door shut.

This morning a coworker from Mesa told us about squatters that have built a ramshackle shelter out of a tarp and some wood on city land near her property. They are using a construction sign as a door. She called it in and a police officer checked it out. When she heard back, she found out that he had arrested one of the men, but the other 2 were allowed to remain. She called again and was told that the city is not able to remove homeless people from city land, as it would be a violation of their rights. Her question is, what about her rights as a taxpayer?
Regardless of who or what is right on this issue, one thing is certain. Squatters scare the crap out of me.


Carlos said...

There is something to be said for having everything you own within an arm's length of your squatting point. Sounds like college.

robyn said...

Is that a gold fanny pack around her neck?