Monday, August 06, 2007

Killer Bunnies

I have a new favorite game. And it is Killer Bunnies. It took me some time to decipher the instructions, mostly because Troy and Col reading Redbook articles out loud was very distracting. I would suggest you learn how to play from someone who already knows rather than try to understand that instruction booklet. It is the reason this game wasted away in the Hills' closet for over two years. The game's creators were marketing geniuses, as no one will be able to stop at owning just the game. There are scores of booster decks and Troy has already bought a fancy collector's card on ebay which I highly doubt will be the last. The good news is they can combine the Kinder Bunnies Troy got talked into buying with Killer Bunnies.

Col, how's about we get this game for your birthday?


Tiffany said...

I think we could start a blog for this. We could call it: Lord of the Bunnies.
We could swap new ideas for the game, rules, etc.

just kidding. (Aubrey, I will be worried if the domain is taken tomorrow) Thanks for figuring out how to play this. I probably would have given it away at the next DI run if you hadn't saved it. You are a Golden Halo!!

Aubrey said...

We played last night with my parents and they're not sold yet. Dad never had any bunnies and mom felt so bad using her weapons that she'd make us pick numbers to see whose bunnies died.


Scrap Happy said...

Aubrey, you know more games than anyone I know.


Aubrey said...

I was going to blog a list of all the games I know but it was taking way too long. My favorite: Catch Leg and Hand.

Colman said...

Aubrey, please explain "Catch Leg and Hand" to all of those who may not know what it is.

Aubrey said...

Oh, you know... Catch Leg and Hand where your dad is on the ground and you and your brothers and sisters run around him and he tries to grab the legs and hands of as many kids as he can.

This is what you do for fun in Idaho.