Monday, August 20, 2007

An excuse to move Regina Spektor down the page.

You can see who is to blame for this here. Better on a blog than in an email forward, I always say.

4 jobs....
1. Newspaper editor
2. Accountant for land development company
3. Paralegal/Office Administrator for law firm
4. Throwing rocks off a combine tractor (spud harvest)

4 movies I can watch over and over...
1. Bottle Rocket
2. Amelie
3. Rushmore
4. Waiting for Guffman

4 Places I have lived....
1. Lewisville, Idaho
2. Scottsdale, Arizona
3. Brussels, Belgium
4. Montreal, Canada

4 T.V. shows I enjoy
1. The Office
2. Man vs. Wild
3. Top Chef
4. Project Runway

4 places I have vacationed
1. France
2. Italy
3. Greece
4. NYC

4 of my favorite foods
1. Aloo Gobi
2. Lamb curry
3. Gyros
4. Chocolate Flan cake

4 websites I visit often
1. Google
2. Gmail
3. Family Blogs

4 places I would rather be right now
1. On a sailboat
2. At the beach
3. On a plane
4. Wherever Col and Addie are

Tatum, Col and David.... consider yourselves tagged.


Tiffany said...

Don't tell, but I may have boughten a booster pack here in California.

Carlos said...

BOUGHTEN? Is that Avondale for purchased? Art Linkletter was right, it DOES pay to increase your wordpower and learn to say the darndest things.