Sunday, September 02, 2007


The other night Col had a nightmare that his mom cut Addie's hair and the bangs ended up way too short. Later that day, Brooke and Courtney watched Addie for us so we could go to the movies and when Courtney brought her to us she said "We cut her hair!" Col panicked. His fears subsided when he saw her. They did a really good job - she looks cute with her new haircut.
The main reason I'm posting this picture is to show you that Col chose to post a pic where she had angry face. There were plenty of ones where she's happy about her new 'do.


The Dixon Family said...

Hey! I just tried to log on to your family blog and I'm blocked! What the heck? I thought we were friends!

Colman said...

I am revamping it... it will be up soon.

Jenn said...

YAY...she can see again!
Very cute cut!

Bronwyn James said...

What a sweet picture! She has about the cutest face I've ever seen on a toddler, even when she's showcasing her angry face. :)