Friday, September 14, 2007

Ready for the weekend

Our receptionist is out of town so I am covering for her. It's such a joy experiencing all the things I was so glad to leave behind when I moved to accounting. For example, several times today I've gotten the oh-so-familiar phone call where the person says "Somebody called me from there. Who is this?" I'll share the most recent one:

"Somebody called me from there. Who was it?"

"I'm sorry, but the call could've come from anyone who works here and unless they leave a voicemail, I don't have a way of finding out who it was."

"How did you get my number?"

"I wasn't the one who called. I don't know how they got your number."

"Yes, but somebody just called me from there."

"This phone number shows up when anyone who works here makes a call from their line. I don't know who it was."

"How do you get the phone numbers you call?"

"We're not a solicitor. We're a land development company."

"Take me off your list."

"I don't have a list."

"However you got my number, take my number off."

"I don't know how they got your number, but we're not a solicitor. Hopefully they'll call you back."

"No, you better NOT call me back! Take my number off your list!"

"I don't have a list."

He was being pretty rude by this point, so I admit I kept it up until he hung up on me. I got a good chuckle out of it.

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Lindsay said...

haha...ahh, the joys of secretarial/phone jobs! I used to work at Southwest Airlines as a reservations agent and boy let me tell you, I've got some GREAT stories for ya. These kinds of calls are classic though...thanks for letting me re-live those :)