Thursday, January 25, 2007

The smelly ones always linger longest.

This was a huge problem when I was pregnant. Involuntarily, I would gag right in the face of anyone who smelled strongly. Now it's just a mild annoyance. Whether it be a courier, a mail carrier, delivery persons, or that random person who stops in to ask where they can find a restroom - if they don't smell, they're out in a flash. On the other hand, those that smell strongly of an array of odors including smoke, cologne, various body odors, or cloves (yes, cloves) - these always linger just a little while longer.

When it's really bad, while holding my breath I sign my name more quickly to hasten their exit. Inevitably, this makes my signature less legible and they stand even longer trying to decipher it and type it into their keypad. At least my current last name is a common one. I always had to repeat and then spell out my maiden name. And then listen to a Growing Pains joke.


Courtney said...

My last name drama is reversed, so the complications didn't start until I was married. I learned to automatically spell it after saying it. Faerber "F as in Frank, A, E, R, B as in Boy, E, R". The first thing they say back, "F, A, B....." Drives me crazy.

Aubrey said...

If I didn't spell it out, I'd get Seabers. Aubrey used to be more of a man's name so I often got mail addressed to Mr. Aubrey Seabers. Talk about a kick in the self esteem.

robyn said...

If you started working for a lexus then at least you would sound like a Mr.

Courtney said...

Oh yea...I was marked Male on the records of the church for my first 8 years. Talk about a kick in the self esteem.

The Dixon Family said...

Ew, this totally happened to me this past weekend at I-Hop. We had just sat down and gotten our drinks when these four old people came in and sat next to us. The mixture of perfume and oldness was just enough to throw me over the edge. My never-ending pancakes were ruined. It was very sad.

Cameron said...

A 9 month pregnant woman eating never-ending pancakes --

What a site!

Can you blame them for coming in to sit close? Maybe they thought you were going to break the record?

All in good fun, all for the baby. BTB, when is he coming, and what's his name?

The Dixon Family said...

Oh it WAS a great site! I probably did break the record and had the heartburn the rest of the night to prove it!

He is coming one week from today (February 2nd). Groundhogs Day! We're set to start induction at 6:00 am so maybe even by this time next week we'll have another little one!

And we've decided on the name Reese Otley Dixon. Check my blog in a few minutes for the background.