Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Working in Paradise, Living in Scottsdale.

Here at work, our office is right on the border of Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. It used to be a Scottsdale address, and now it's a Paradise Valley address, though nearly 98% of our mail still lists the city as Scottsdale and it gets to us just fine.

I didn't think it mattered at all until a few weeks ago when our mail started coming really late, at close to 5 p.m. This was throwing everything off, and making it impossible to deposit checks that came in the mail until the next day.

A few days later it was back to normal, and even coming earlier. I asked our mail carrier about it and she gave me the skinny. Apparently the mayor of Paradise Valley knows someone who knows someone who pulled some strings and now PV gets their mail earlier and Scottsdale gets it later. I guess there are a few advantages to living in Paradise.

Maybe I'll start having my personal mail delivered here, since our mail at home now comes at around 10 p.m.


Judson said...

yeah, but you have to say you're from "paradise valley". that's so 80's glam, back to the future, disco balling, punk rocking, ranch dressing, blah.

be proud you work in scottsdale. everybody knows that's where the hot chicks are.

Aubrey said...

So true, so true.

jillmaren said...

My ward is called "Paradise Valley" and for some reason DAvid thinks this means that we actually LIVE in PV. We don't, and neither does anyone in our ward. It's an oddity I still haven't quite figured out. (the entire ward sits NW of Paradise Valley, and aside from being part of the PV school district I don't see a connection.)