Thursday, June 15, 2006

I want Adeline to be smart.

A friend who's living in NYC sent me this today:

"Today I went to a conference on literacy and children's health. A doctor who spoke said that there is a strong relationship between cognitive development and iron deficiency. Most babies get enough iron either from breast milk or formula, but it becomes a problem at ages 1-3 because they start drinking regular milk which isn't iron fortified. The brain is fully grown by age 3 so if a toddler isn't getting enough iron during that period their cognitive development will be affected. So basically, if you
want Adeline to be smart make sure she gets her iron!"

Good to know... I'll definitely need to pay attention to this in about a year, but it also helped motivate me to keep taking my prenatal vitamins. My OB told me to keep taking them as long as I'm nursing, but I was slacking off. That vitamin is often my only source of iron...

I've been trying to cook healthy meals for Col and I. It's nice to be home and to have time to do it. Hopefully I won't slack off again once my maternity leave is over. It's definitely harder to find the time and energy to cook healthy meals after working all day.

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Charity said...

There was a recent study that states the brain isn't fully grown until the age of seven...and don't forget that iron is found in may veggies, and at the same time you are switching to regular milk, you will be feeding your beautiful little girl other things as well.

Just a little none of my business kinda comment!