Friday, June 09, 2006


Addie has started scooting. I wasn't sure how she was doing it until this morning. The other day she was on the changing table and I left the room to wash my hands. When I went back in, she had scooted up so far that her head was off the changing pad. She's doing it all the time now. I'll put her to bed in her bassinett slash stroller and when I go to pick her up, she has scooted clear to the bottom, with her legs bent up against the side.

This morning I laid her down next to me on the couch with her feet about 6 in. from me. All of a sudden I felt her little feet kicking me, so I moved her back 6 in. and watched as she kicked her feet, slowly scooting toward me, ending with her feet as shown in this picture, still kicking.

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Courtney said...

Maybe you should nickname her "Vespa".