Monday, June 12, 2006

Things we stole from Tiffany & Troy

1. Barrett placement. We'd had a hard time getting Addie's barretts to stay in so we copied the way Audrey's was in her hair. It's stayed in all day. Fabulous, absolutely fabulous.

2. Dream feedings. Though this may not have been their idea originally, they sparked our interest in it. We did it last night and it worked like a charm.

3. Pacifier Propping. This really does help. Just to be safe, I've only done it when I'm watching her closely. I guess I should call it Supervised Pacifier Propping.

4. Bottle Propping. We haven't been able to use this one yet, but believe me, we will.

5. Gymboree classes. Though we haven't committed to anything, I reserve the right to steal this idea in the future.


Tiffany said...

Things we stole from Aubrey & Colman:
1. Colman's wallet. If only there had been more than a local library card in it.
2. Aubrey's Dinner. Everytime she left to check on Adeline, we sneaked a few morsels of her pasta.
3. One Muy Muy Caliente Card. We'll just see who wins the next round of Canasta.
4. Two Bug-a-Boo Diaper Bag Clips. Now we don't have to fly to New York for the promotional give-away.
5. The "We Lost Your Card" Line. Oh yes will we use that one. I can't tell you the number of souls who will hear this line in the future from us. Keeps unwanted friends away for months!

Colman said...

I am usually the kind of person that likes to add to posts and comments to make them just a little better...but I can't. This tops the cake (Aubrey's birthday cake that is).

Today (the 13th) is Aubrey's birthday.

Courtney said...

So if either of you stole anything from us, 1. we haven't noticed yet and 2. we know where you live.