Monday, April 17, 2006

Some smells are worse than cologne.

Our back entry lock is malfunctioning so we called the company that installed it and they sent somebody to fix it. He came from Phoenix, and I smelled him coming before he ever reached Scottsdale city limits. I would've been able to handle it if he would've respected my bubble, but no. Evidently they sent the wrong type of lock guy so he had me pull up the manual on my computer and he steps up behind me and grabs my mouse and starts scrolling down to read it. Excuse me!? Did I say you could touch my computer? So I said "Why don't I just print that if you need to read it". He ignored me. So then I said "I'm sorry but you smell extremely foul and I'm going to throw up on my keyboard if you don't get out my business." Well, anyway, that's what I should have said.

So he wasn't able to fix it and started blaming us for not specifying what type of lock it was when we made the service call. Then he says "You just need to call a lock smith." I grabbed a pen and paper, wrote down his company's name and said "What's the phone number? I think I'll just call your company and see if they have anyone else there that knows how to fix it." So he says "Uh, that's ok, I'll put in the service call myself and we'll have someone come out."

I'm tempted to call his company and complain. He was an idiot. And it's amazing how much something like that is compounded when they smell bad.

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