Wednesday, April 12, 2006

To the Baby Style employees at Fashion Square Mall: "I hate you all."

Incident #1: Unnamed employee gives the worst demonstration of a Bugaboo stroller imaginable. They don't have much in the way of floor models, and what they do have she knows nothing about.

Incident #2: Unnamed employee attempts to rip us off while ordering a crib on their website. It would cost us about twice as much as other sites we'd found, and though she assured us they wouldn't, they ended up trying to charge us big shipping and handling fees after all.

Incident #3: Unnamed employee refuses return. Explanation: We were given a Britax infant carrier (car seat) a few months ago at a baby shower in my home town. We recently bought the Bugaboo Frog stroller which is (stupidly) not compatible with the Britax, meaning you can't snap it into the stroller. Once upon a time, there were two car seats that were compatible - the Peg Perego and the Graco. I have been told the Graco is crap so we thought we'd trade in our Britax for a Peg.

Called Baby Style retail store. An evil girl explained that they never under any circumstance return gear for safety issues. But it's brand new, still has tags... No can do she said.

Baby Style, if you are listening: Three strikes you're out.

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