Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Yes, we're naming her after a song. Sort of.

We're naming her Adeline. We first heard the name in the Elliot Smith song "Sweet Adeline". Nevermind that he supposedly committed suicide etc. etc. It's an incredible song, and the fact that he died tragically at a young age doesn't change that. We're not really naming her after the song anyway. We just discovered the name through the song. Is that the same thing? Anyone over the age of 40 thinks of barbershop quartet music when we tell them the name we've picked. I do not think of barbershop quartet music, nor does anyone under the age of 40. I think.

We'll call her Addie when she's little. Adeline sounds like a name that needs to be grown into. I could be wrong though. Maybe when she arrives we'll look at her and say "She looks like an Adeline" and never call her Addie. That might make us feel silly for putting ADDIE letter blocks up on the nursery wall. Oh well. ADELINE wouldn't have fit anyway.


jillmaren said...

I love the name. I've always wanted to name a girl "Madeleine" which is pretty close, and I'd call her "Maddie" instead of "Addie". So if I get pregnant anytime soon (let's hope not) and its a girl I swear I'm not ripping off your name.

Aubrey said...

If we have girls named Addie and Maddie, they're definitely going to be best friends. They won't even have a choice.