Friday, September 29, 2006

Baby Talk

Today I was on my lunch break and had just fed the baby when Col called. We talked a minute and then I said "Here, talk to the baby" and held the phone to her ear.

I expected to hear some high pitched baby talk - maybe a "Hey cute girl, daddy misses you." I didn't hear him say anything so I said "Is daddy talking to you honey? Daddy's going to talk to you, aren't you excited?!" I still didn't hear anything on his end so I put the phone up to my ear and asked "Aren't you going to talk to the baby?"

His answer: "I'm with a student."

Yeah.... that might have sounded funny. Plus, you don't want anything distracting a driver's ed student.

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The Headmaster said...

That was a funny story, I liked it a lot. Thank you.