Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The List

I have heard whisperings of a list Col made that in some way laid out the highlights of a trip to Yellowstone Park. I have never seen the list so I don't know what exactly it was, but I have made a list of my own for the highlights of this past weekend up at the cabin.

Labor Day at The Cabin

1. "Is it my birthday?"

2. Carl acting out "energetic".

3. Carl acting out "burglar" (I could list several others, but I'll stop myself at 2).

4. "Mom, did they make a bad choice?"

5. Robyn and Aubrey getting stuck on the ATVs and no one answering their phones when we called for help.

6. Col and Cameron getting lost on the ATVs and breaking both horns. "Follow the telephone poles."

7. "Watching movies is my favorite thing to do."

8. How many Carters does it take to build a sandbox?

9. Why can't you use a skill saw to cut off a low-lying tree branch?

10. "Huge spider in the kitchen."


Courtney said...

What about the one that refers to me kicking your butt in Canasta?

Aubrey said...

Yeah.... it looks like I left that one out, didn't I? That dang muy muy caliente card!