Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Glamorous World of Michael Pollack

I first saw his picture all over the walls at the discount movie theater he built. I then started seeing it on signs by vacant lots. Next he started showing up in the mail at my job - on invitations, ads and on the cover of "Our Real Estate Community" magazine which came in the mail today here at work.

Little did I know that he was once the most famous man in Houston. Welcome to The Glamorous World of Michael Pollack. Here's a gem you'll find there:

A Complex, Sensitive Man

But Michael Pollack was oh-so-much more than just a real estate genius. He also had a sensitive side. Michael revealed his sensitive side in a 1985 interview with Houston City Magazine. "I like to design jewelry," he said. "I designed everything I'm wearing." Stunning diamond and gold-encrusted watches, and huge medallions with eagles were his favorites. Why did he like eagles so much? "There's an old saying: 'Doves fly but eagles soar.' I knew Colonial House was going to soar." He even designed his own clothing, including his renowned leather/suede/wool leisure suits. If only the real estate bust had held off another year or two, Michael Pollack would now be known as a leading fashion designer!

If only!


Colman said...

That is hilarious. I always had a hunch that Michael Pollack was a man with s-t-y-l-e.

Courtney said...

I would LOVE to see him on Project Runway!