Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Anyone who has played Cranium knows what a Humdinger is. You're probably thinking Col added this picture to my blog, but I actually posted this one myself. On the way home from Payson, we played a simplified version with my parents, where someone picks a song to hum and the first one who thinks of it yells the title so loudly that the baby wakes up.

I am what you might call "tone deaf". This condition is magnified when I'm trying to hum. I also don't have what you might call "rhythm" and usually I hum it way too fast and don't hold notes long enough.

Col, on the other hand is humdiddlyumptious. He is as good at humming as he is at Saved by the Bell trivia. He can hum any tune on demand and he actually sort of sings the words with his mouth closed so you can even make out the words half the time.

For this particular game, we had to pick songs that spanned the generations, as my parents wouldn't necessarily recognize some of the songs that Col and I would know, and vice versa. We pretty much ended up humming your standard karaoke songs. David Bowie was well-represented, as were the Beatles and CCR.

The second game we played was that memory game where you say something like "I'm going camping and I'm taking _______" and then each person adds something. Our list ended up as:

I'm going to Europe and I'm taking a camera, a banjo, an easel, mentholatum, Abreva, a turkey leg, a turkey baster, a portable toilet seat, a whistle, shoelaces, a boat, a life jacket, toenail polish, a moped, a spare tire, a stop sign, little Addie, a turkey wing, a brake light, and one more thing that we couldn't think of (I admit Col helped me remember the list).

Col won the game. I was the second one out.

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