Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Grocery stores should not sell cigarettes.

You are probably assuming I want grocery stores to stop selling cigarettes because smoking is addictive and cigarettes kill. Maybe you think my reasons concern the environment - I'm worried about the pollutants that are released by burning tobacco. I could also be concerned about the effects of second hand smoke on myself and others.

While those things are true, the main reason I want grocery stores to stop selling cigarettes is due to the irritatingly long time I had to wait in line last night while the grocery checker fetched a pack for the guy in front of me.


Courtney said...

Ya know, I read this before the picture, but I must is much more interesting the second time with the man in the costume.

Aubrey said...

I was assuming it's a girl... but it could be a man. If so, he has very nice legs.

H8TORADE said...

they should stop selling tampons then too because I had to wait for this chick to go and get a box since she forgot them at the convenient.