Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sweet motivation

Our company doesn't have a "casual Friday", so jeans are pretty much reserved for weekends. While on my maternity leave from work, I wanted to wear jeans while I could. I wanted to wear them every day all day long. Unfortunately, I had just had a baby and none of my jeans fit me. I knew if I bought new jeans I'd probably never lose the pregnancy weight, so instead of buying new clothes I exercised regularly and ate healthy balanced meals. I did lose some weight, but my maternity leave ended and I still couldn't fit into any of my jeans.

Back at work where I can never wear jeans, I pretty much gave up on exercising and I bought some new clothes for work that actually fit me (a "fat wardrobe" if you will). Today, I got an email from my boss that changed everything. The most important line was this:

"Effective this Friday, July 21st – denim will be allowed at Sunbelt on Fridays thru Labor Day. If all goes well – no fashion “faux pas”, we will consider making this a year-round change."

Ladies and gentlemen, that was the motivation I needed.


jillmaren said...

I feel for you, my dear. We get to wear "denim" every day of the week! (no flip-flops or sneakers though) and from memorial day through labor day, we can wear shorts. Of course, I don't even OWN a pair of shorts nor do I plan on EVER owning any, but its a nice advantage.

Aubrey said...

I just flew into a jealous rage. You should've seen it. Feel free to email me an application to your place of employment. Though I must say, I can't imagine wearing shorts without flip flops so that's a bit of a catch 22.