Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Please stop belittling me.

A few minutes ago, a woman walked into our office and asked if she could use our fax machine. She was speaking about 10 times faster than the average person and all I caught was "she's waiting for it right now." I don't know who she is but when I see the fax is only 2 pages, I agree to send it. So then she says "Ok, what's the fax number?" I paused, decided she had actually meant to ask if she could receive a fax here and told her our fax number. She ignored me and asked for a pen. She wrote down a number and said "Ok, thanks. I'll send it right away." It was then that I saw the TINY earpiece and realized she was on the phone with someone. I felt a little sheepish, but I'm sure I'm not the first one who has not noticed her phone - it was maybe 1/10th the size of Carl's Bluetooth earpiece that Col rescued from the sidewalk the other night. Plus, she had a lot of hair.

When I handed her fax back to her, she magically traded it for her business card and proceeded to give me a sales pitch about her aerial photography business. Not the best strategy in the world. We prefer working with aerial photographers who have their own fax machine, thanks.


Courtney said...

You could put a sign by your desk, like the post office has that says, "We will not help you until you are off of your phone. Until then we will gladly help the next customer."

robbinshood said...

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