Thursday, July 13, 2006

I wish somebody would do something about how fat I am.

Yesterday I was complaining to a coworker that I can no longer find time to exercise and that I'm losing my drive to lose the pregnancy weight. This morning on my desk I found a trial pass to World Gym. Evidently they have a nursery, so now I have no excuse.

My main motivation is the pair of 7 jeans hanging in my closet that I would REALLY like to be able to wear. Plus the fact that I REALLY don't want to invest in a fat wardrobe. However, the desire to wear jeans again isn't really getting me to the gym lately. I now have 2 gym memberships, a bicycle, weather I could run outside in (as long as the sun's not up yet), a swimming pool big enough to swim mini laps, exercise equipment at my in-law's, a yoga ball and yoga mat, as well as lots of exercise DVDs, but I don't see myself using any of it anytime soon.

Then I discovered this little device. All my problems are solved.


Courtney said...

My on earth did you find out about that?

Aubrey said...

I googled "Ways to lose weight without exercising or eating healthy".

I actually saw it on who posted that website as a fake ad.

jillmaren said...

What you need is an excersie buddy. A permanent "workout date" -- that is the only way I've ever been able to do it. Sign up for yoga classes with someone else and make them come pick you up.

Aubrey said...

I'll pick you up tonight at 6. Don't think I'm kidding.