Monday, July 24, 2006

Camelback VW: It just doesn't get much worse.

It took over a year for them to get us the second key to our Passat. You're thinking that was a typo and I meant a week, or even a month. Nope. A year.

They installed our new fuel pump incorrectly which caused a large gas leak. With gas prices as high as they are, I think it cost us about $2,678.99 in gas before we noticed the leak. Sure, it was only a few hours before we noticed it, but gas is really expensive.

They ordered us a new seat when a spring broke, but conveniently sent it back before notifying us it was in. They then tried to get us to pay them to replace our brakes and do an oil change while we waited for the seat to come in. They assured us the seat would arrive in a couple of days. Just let us work on your car all weekend since it has to be here anyway. (If you've ever had a dealership work on your car before, you know this would cost us another $2,678.99). When we said no thanks they then said "Oh, actually.... the seat is on back order and won't be here for about 2 weeks, so come pick up your car."

To the service department at Camelback VW: You are worse than BabyStyle.

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jillmaren said...

I take my jetta to North Scottsdale VW. Still a dealership, but I haven't felt quite THAT screwed over (plus, I've herad lots of bad bad stuff about Camelback VW).