Thursday, July 13, 2006

No thank you, I do not want a free spa day.

Many a solicitor comes to our office, and I am the lucky person who gets to deal with them. They are usually peddling office supplies, cell phones, office equipment, or something of that nature. Usually I quickly and politely tell them that we're not interested and send them on their way. Yesterday was the first time I paused to think about it. The gentleman who came in said "We'd like to give your office vouchers for free massages at a Scottsdale spa."

How do you say no to that?

I asked if we'd need to listen to some type of presentation. He said it would only take 5 seconds for him to tell us about their newest promotion. Jen heard me wavering from her hiding spot around the corner and stepped in to save me. I'm sure she was right to assume that this 5 seconds would end up taking a lot longer and that at the end of the presentation, we would probably have to give up our first born child to actually get the vouchers, so I'm glad we sent him away. But I won't tell you it was easy to watch those free massages walk out the door.

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