Thursday, August 31, 2006

Saved by the Bell vs. Saturday's Warrior

"(Singing) It seems like yesterday our times were started..."

"Are you singing Saturday's Warrior?"

"No. Saved by the Bell."

"Ah.... I thought you were singing that song 'The circle of our love extends beyond the reach of time'..."

"No, I was singing the song Zack wrote and then before the assembly, they put lemon extract in Zack's drink so he'd lose his voice halfway through his song."

"Yeah... I must have missed that one... 'Line upon line... precept on precept... like a summer shower, giving us each hour his wisdom..."


jillmaren said...


Colman said...

You totally got it wrong... That was the song the whole gang wrote (it was originally Screetch's, but a few things were tweaked by A.C., Lisa, and Tori).

Zack's song went like this...

"Bayside is the coolest school and you know that it's true! (know that it's true, know that it's true!)"

Aubrey said...

I'm telling you, people. Ask him ANY trivia question (not including the college years).

Courtney said...

I am embarrassed to say, we DID watch it THAT much. But he is even better than I when it comes to trivia.

ThePainterClan said...

Courtney, you can't answer this one cause you know it.
Who did Screech say he was when he was dressed up as an old woman janitor hiding in the locker in the locker room and the girls found him?
Aubrey, I'm adding your blog to my link list. I am entertained at reading your blog. I have to go through Court's blog. By the way, your litle one is adorable. her smile is so cute!

Judson said...

i couldn't resist aubrey...

American Heritage Dictionary -

whack·o (hwk, wk)

n. Slang.

Variant of wacko.

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Aubrey said...

You will not be surprised to learn that I got a C- in American Heritage at BYU.