Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Borat Boycott

I didn't really know much about this Borat guy until this movie came out. Since then, I've heard him on the radio, seen previews for his movie, and heard a lot of hype. It brought in $26.4 million in the US during its opening weekend, which was a record for the limited number of screens that played it.

This morning a friend here at work told me she went to see it last night. Her review: it is by far the worst, most crude, most disgusting, and most immoral film she has ever seen. It is incredibly derogatory and disrespectful of all things American. She has never felt more uncomfortable at a movie. She said a large part of the audience walked out after 20 minutes, and that was before it got really bad.

I had thought Col and I would wait until we could see it edited on our Clearplay. She said if they try to edit it, it will end up being 2 minutes long.

If I hadn't already been convinced, this would've done the trick.

Needless to say, I'm suggesting you don't go see it.


Ingelheim Five said...

Thanks for the heads up. Haven't heard anything about this except that it's a huge hit. Go figure.

jillmaren said...

My Dad said the movie was the funniest thing he's seen in a LONG time, as did my siter and brother (all of whom are fairly liberal but most definetley not into generally offensive movies.) They said you just have to gonin expecting it to be a little un-PC.