Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Comments heard at last night's HOA meeting.

It has recently come to our attention that we, along with all the owners in our complex, will shortly be charged $600 to replace the irrigation system. We will then be charged another special assessment, the amount of which is as of yet undisclosed, to replace plants and repair landscaping torn up by the construction of the new irrigation system.

Last night I attended our HOA's monthly board meeting to find out some details. There were some real characters in attendance. Here are some highlights:

"What's your supervisor's name? Does he speak English?"

"Are you going to gouge us with this assessment right when we're paying Christmas bills?!"

"Shut up, Mona."

"Everyone should dig up their patios! I found this diamond necklace buried in mine. I warshed it up and it looks real nice."

"Can't we just get rid of all the grass and put in rocks and cactus?"

"Shut up, Betty."

"If we wanted to do it ourselves, we'd buy a house!"

The best moment came when one particularly outspoken woman yelled, "If I can't complain here, who can I complain to?!" and one of the board members responded, "Maybe a therapist?"


Courtney said...

That is totally great! I can't wait to get on our HOA!

The Headmaster said...

That was a really funny mid-day read. Thank you. It actaully reminded me of our HOA meetings.

Anonymous said...

So, Are you guys going to tear up your patio. It only makes sense that if she found diamond necklace there should be a diamond necklace underneath every patio.

That stinks about the special assessment.

Cameron said...

I am on my HOA Board. They must be the same everywhere, because it sounds an awful lot like mine. I am always amazed at how stubborn and difficult people are to work with. Yet they love to make decisions with everyone else's money.

Aubrey said...

I don't envy you, Cameron. I felt really bad for the board when the craziest lady yelled "I come to every one of these meetings and I DEMAND to be heard!"

ThePainterClan said...

Classic. Why do people say "warshed" instead of washed? My mother in law says it too. We always correct her and she gets so irritated. It's hilarious.

Nick said...

I really haven't been involved in our HOA, but I would prefer to come peoplewatch at your some time.

Also, I am contemplating a new business venture: "Nick's Patio Dig-up Service". Our motto will be, "You never know what's under there until you look." Do you think that I could advertise at your HOA meeting?