Tuesday, November 28, 2006

One thing Canada did right.

I don't really expect vents and grates to give way and send me plummeting into the sewer, but I still avoid walking on them. I'm not sure why. Maybe it stems from seeing cows with their legs stuck in cattle crossing grates when I was a little kid.

This picture was taken in Calgary, Canada, by a girl whose blog I read. This is one grate I wouldn't mind walking on. I think they should all be like this. And so, I will now be sending a petition around to all of you that we will forward on to the President's office. That should get results.


Cameron said...

I have always thought that if the grate were to give way, the whole thing would fall. I don't know that I feel any more comfortable with the footprints...eh.

Aubrey said...

I tried to find a picture of a cow's feet stuck in a grate, but all I could find was this and this. So the only logical conclusion is that you are right. The whole grate would fall.

Anonymous said...

That second picture of the cow scares me. If a cow can do that, there is nothing stopping them from taking over the world.