Saturday, November 25, 2006

The down side of living in Arizona.

In Arizona a vehicle theft occurs every 9 minutes, 54 seconds.

Yesterday Col and I went to pick up my dad's SUV to deliver a couple of paintings. It wasn't there, for it had been stolen. We called the police to report it and they asked me about all of this. Layer #1 we had covered. We did all of that right. Layer #2 not so much. Layers #3 and #4, not at all. And to top it all off, we only had liability insurance which of course doesn't cover theft.

The girl at the police station pretty much said "Yeah, it's probably in Mexico by now. You better find yourself a new car." Thanks for the encouragement.

So the next time any of you head to Rocky Point, if you see a white Chevy Blazer with Idaho plates rolling around, let me know.

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Carlos said...

Gracias por el carro. Mucha suerte con el nuevo carro.