Monday, August 21, 2006


Last year on my birthday we were in Alamos, Mexico. It's a little town at the southern edge of Sonora that's more like Spain than Mexico. We went with friends who gave me a chocolate flan birthday cake that was pretty much the most delicious thing I've ever eaten. Col bought me this pinata from a little shop that insisted all their pinatas were from Mexican cartoons, like Dora la Explorador, Bob el Constructor and the PowerPuff girls, whose Spanish name I don't remember. This mermaid was supposed to be Aerial from a Mexican film called "La Sirenita", but it didn't look like Aerial so we picked it and then we took it up to the hilltop overlooking the city to break it and watch as little Mexican children gathered all the candy and then took the broken pinata home to play with. It was a really fun birthday. The following day wasn't quite so fun, especially for Matt who passed several kidney stones in the back seat on the way back to Phoenix.

This year was fun - we had a BBQ and swimming party - but it didn't really compare to Mexico. Col's birthday, on the other hand, was the birthday to top all birthdays. His parents took us to a fabulous lunch at Oscar Taylor's and I took half the day off to hang out with him. We went shopping, which is one of his favorite past-times and then went on a bike ride with friends. I made him a fabulous ice cream cake (it rivaled the chocolate flan cake, which I never thought was possible) and Drew gave him a foam rocket man which he was very excited about. His parents gave him a banjo which he's played nonstop ever since, and to top it all off, they had a big dinner for him yesterday with another birthday cake.

I didn't think it could get better than my birthday in Alamos, Mexico but I think Col has managed to top it this year. I'll have to really go all out to beat this one.

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jillmaren said...

Wow - I remember when birthdays were "fun"! This year I went to dinner with a few girls from work and came home to an ice cream pie from David. woo-hoo.