Monday, August 14, 2006

Married to a driver's ed instructor.

Col thinks I am a scary driver, mainly because I drive too fast almost all the time. I get this from my mother, who can be seen in the passing lane of this picture:

Before Col started working as a driver's ed teacher he seldom commented on my driving besides the occasional gasp of fear. Now, whenever I'm driving I hear a constant, soothing 'there's no need to panic here' voice telling me "Whenever you're ready, just back off the car in front of you just a little" and "The posted speed limit is 65. Don't forget the 5 mile rule. 5 miles under, 5 miles over" and my favorite, "Now let's go ahead and get out of the car and put a note on the windshield of that car you just dinged."

Would someone please tell Col that just because I've been in several car accidents including a rollover that may or may not have been entirely my fault, plus the fact that I've had more than my share of speeding tickets does NOT mean that I am a bad driver.

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