Sunday, August 13, 2006

Comment moderation is enabled.

I'm not really a fan of having to approve comments before they show up. Sure, it gives me a certain sense of power and that's always a treat, but I'm inherently lazy and would rather let them just show up. However, somehow my blog has been A-listed for advertisers and half the comments I get now say:

Great blog! Check out my site, I think you'll like it!

So, in order to defy the spammers, I have to moderate the comments and reject them. These are the only comments I will delete. If you come here and post malicious libel such as... oh, say... "my kid is way smarter than yours", I won't even delete that. So feel free to comment, free from the heavy chains of sensorship. Unless you're a spambot ad. And then I will delete you.

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