Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Today my credit card was denied for the first time in my life.

I didn't get a credit card until just before I was married. I've always been pretty responsible with money, and I'm not a big spender, so it wasn't that I was worried about credit card debt. I had a debit card, and it seemed like that was all I needed. This became a bit of a problem when Col and I met with our mortgage broker to buy a house. I didn't have bad credit, I had no credit. They wanted 3 lines of credit going back 3 years, and I didn't even have one.

Now I have several credit cards. My very first Visa that I don't use anymore, one that builds miles ("What's in your wallet?!"), one that we have to have because it's the only one Costco accepts and a couple of others. We're talking about an unnecessarily fat wallet if we add to these the debit cards I no longer use because we only use the Capital One, hoping that in about 10 years we'll earn a one-way flight.

And with all these credit cards, and all this great credit building up I've never had a credit card rejected. Until today.

Col, before you get any more anxious and possibly have an accident, know that it was a business card. This won't be the last time it's ever maxed out.


Cinthia Mull said...

You must have had a lot of explaining to do to Col at that time. Well, I hope you were able to fix your credit card debts and get back on track after. Now that you have learned your lesson, I’m sure you should start monitoring your expenses on a regular basis to prevent such occurrences.

Cinthia Mull

Cinthia Mull said...
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Eustolia Nitta said...

Credit cards can be very convenient, but using several cards can be a big problem. You have to monitor your credit limit on each card and analyze if you are still capable of paying them. Are you still using credit cards? If not, I suggest you trying taking out payday loans. They can give you emergency funds with low interest rates. :)