Monday, August 14, 2006

This coloring book not suitable for Addie, anyway.

Though this coloring book was made for children and is being marketed for children, I wouldn't agree that it is really suitable for kids. The pages are all original creations of professional artists, and though some of it is great (I especially liked pages 24 and 25) and very creative, it is full of political messages and humor that is clearly geared toward adults (especially pages 43 and 50). I would not suggest this for your little ones, just in case you were going to go out and spend top dollar to have them color in an artist's drawings.


Kevin Anonymous said...

I think it is. Unless the child can already see the deep meaning embedded in the drawings or empathizes with the pitiful artist's work, then maybe it really isn't. Just let the child color the book. Wouldn't hurt anybody, especially the child.

Aubrey said...

I agree that not every page would be harmful, but some of them (p. 43 and p. 50) are images that children just shouldn't be exposed to, whether they understand them or not.