Wednesday, August 09, 2006

For all intensive purposes.

I'm collecting common mispronunciations and misspellings. Let me know if you hear or see any good ones! This list contains a few that I hear and/or say all the time. Most of them I found here.

"Ghosts, for all intensive purposes, don't exist."
"I'm at your beckon call."
"Supposubly that theater is open now."
"Her opinions are very deep seeded."
"Let's take this out into the parking lot - mano a mano."
"Let me axe you a question."
"I'm going to nip that in the butt."
"Your point is mute."
"Don't pawn that off on me."
"He was lying prostate on the ground."
"If that's what you think, you've got another thing coming."
In response to "How are you?" either "I'm good, thanks" or "I don't feel so good."
"I would like my French dip with au jus, please". (“Au jus” means “with juice” so this literally would mean "I would like my French dip with with juice please").
Associates pronounced "Assoshiates".
Mahatma Gandhi spelled "Ghandi".
And of course, "nucular".


Aubrey said...

I just heard a new one. A girl on project runway said "Would you like the dress to have an umpire waist?"

Aubrey said...

I didn't intend to be the only once coming up with new ones, but I couldn't resist posting this one, found here.

"I can play many, many musical enstrumens."

Courtney said...

How about this one..."If it's any constellation..."

Carlos said...

Irregardless. This of course means not regardless. Regardless, means without regard. Irregardless, then would be the opposite?

Aubrey said...

That reminds me of one I say more often than I'd like to admit. "I need to unthaw this meat." What would that mean? Freeze it?

Carlos said...

Flammable and inflammable. I found out the hard way what those mean.
Has everyone had thier patriarticle blessing? You know it takes the mel-kiz-dik priesthood and it takes a real-i-tor to sell real-ity.

Did I just lose my train of thought or my trend of thought?

Ha! and people in my mission said limonada instead of lemonade! Sheesh, get it right will ya?

Aubrey said...

I hear "realitor" all the time. (Usually sounds like realutor and realuty). I also hear "athulete" sometimes.

ThePainterClan said...

How about when people say "ComeEar" for "Come here"

Aubrey said...

Ah yes, that's a good one. That could get us into Idaho and Utah accents - dropping the middle out of every word like "mounan" instead of mountain and dropping ends of words like hikin' and runnin'.

Aubrey said...

I just heard another good one.... exspecially.