Friday, August 04, 2006

Office Minimum

Last week Office Max sent a representative to coax me into ordering office supplies from them. We're a pretty tough sale since we are very happy with Wist, a local company that is less expensive and has better service and brings me goodies and gives me baby presents.

I did agree to order paper from OM because it was significantly cheaper. As the saying I just made up goes "it's cheaper for a reason" and when the 6 boxes of paper arrived, several of the reams were damaged. The paper they were wrapped in was torn, and some of the sheets were bent or torn and had to be thrown away.

Today someone called to see how we like the paper and I told her about the damage and let her know that we wouldn't be ordering any more paper from them. She asked if the outside of the case had been damaged and when I told her I didn't notice any damage she started to treat me like I was making the whole thing up. She said she'd inform our sales rep, and about 10 minutes later I received a notice from the sales rep that they're sending us one ream of paper to make up for the damage. ONE ream of paper. Like for ONE ream of paper we'll keep ordering from them. Now, if they gave me all kinds of goodies and a baby present, that would be something. Maybe a $5 gift certificate to Bath & Body Works.... now THAT's a bribe!

The ream of paper will probably come damaged. But it won't matter, because unless it's colored paper clips and free pens, I'm not interested.


Carlos said...

Stand your ground! Don't be fooled by the cheap imitations.

jillmaren said...

Hey, my company uses Wist as well. though I don't think we get any preferrential treatment like baby gifts. A big truck just drops all our crap off once a week.