Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Yankee go home!

My parents just picked up our Volvo in Salt Lake. You can read about that fiasco here. Notice that was written on July 9. It is now Aug. 30, and our car is finally finished and we will soon be reunited with it.

Many thanks to all those who helped us during this difficult time, and to my parents for driving it down.

But this post isn't about our car. It's about anti-Bush/anti-war demonstrations. My parents stumbled upon one today in Salt Lake City, causing them to be stuck in traffic for some time. I am intrigued by this because Col and I stumbled upon two of these on our honeymoon - one in Rome and one in Paris. Besides being anti-Bush and anti-war they were clearly anti-USA. Though we didn't have any American flags on our backpacks, I guess we looked pretty American because people were shouting "Yankee go home!" to us and we had to make a speedy exit in order to avoid being lynched.

So I'm wondering if this one in Salt Lake was any different. Was it anti-USA as well? Or were they able to keep it anti-war/anti-Bush without getting anti-USA and is that even possible? I also wonder if the demonstration was on the same streets as this year's 4th of July parade. Probably.

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